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About Bunch of Guys Band

Formed in 1994, the guy’s have played countless bars, restaurants, birthdays, weddings, corporate parties, charitable events, and sunset cruises. They are a South Orange County favorite and their gigs appeal to a wide variety of music lovers of all ages.. Their set list spans six decades of classic and popular rock & roll; from Elvis to Ozzy, Zeppelin to Weezer, The Stones to The Foo Fighters, and from time to time will throw some Disco down for the ladies. For the Guys, it’s all about having a good time. The bands motto is: “As long as we have fun, they’ll have fun.” They love what they do and hopefully you will too!


I went to high school at San Clemente high school. I started playing guitar at age 20 when I was going to school in Oregon for a year.


Guitar seemed easier to teach myself than drums… A lot quieter too.


Top three guitar influences: Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn. The best thing about our band… We are all good friends that can hang out outside of music!


Why keep gigging? That's easy... It's the people that come to see us play and the party that ensues! :-)


I was born in Texas and moved to Long Beach when I was one year old. Moved to San Juan Capistrano in the summer of 79 for 6th grade at old Serra High School also known as Stone Field. Marco Forrester for Jr. high and Capistrano Valley for High School graduating class of 87.


I got my first guitar when I was 15 and got to work learning songs right away. I had already been singing in Christian Rock bands for a couple years and guitar seemed like it would be a good fit. 


Played in a number of bands, singing for The Resolution, then playing and singing for Behind Bars, Two Guys with Guitars, and Heathers Makeup. When both Dale and my bands dissolved it seemed like a perfect opportunity to form another band.


We talked about for what seemed like years then finally we put it together and did a show. It was great, it changed the coarse of my life! That was in September of 94 and we have been working together ever since. 


Its hard to say exactly why this band has lasted so long, we all seem to get along well and love doing it year after year. Its something fun to do and a great way to vent at the end of a long work week. Dale is my rock! He is so smart and always knows the words and I can always count on him to get me back on track or with remembering some long lost friends name. I have been playing with Lance for 30 plus years! He is the most natural musician in the bunch, self taught and ever so inspiring. Eddie is kind of like our super ego. Keeping us in check and making sure we don't screw off too much. Fabulously talented and an absolute perfectionist!


My favorite thing about playing in the Bunch of Guys Band is the people we play for. I love all the long lasting friends we have made over the years and never know just who might show up at the gig. Friends, family, fellow musicians, I love them all. I am really very lucky to play with such a Great Bunch of Guys!!! 


I was born in Laguna Beach, grew up in San Juan Capistrano, went to high school at Dana Hills and I started playing Bass Guitar when I was 14 yrs old.


I started playing bass because I grew up in a family with 4 brothers.My father played rythm and blues guitar and started a musical interest in us at a young age. My brothers are fine musicians all playing different instruments.


My family needed a bass player and the first time I picked up a bass guitar and played it I was a natural.I had a natural apptitude for playing it and I loved it.Already having a little musical backround and with plenty of siblings to practice with I quickly progressed and soon started experimenting with different styles of music such as rock, reggae,punk, jazz, disco, rnb, progressive, alternative, latin, ect.


My main influences are:

Chad smith(Flea)RHC Peppers

John Paul Jones :Led Zepplin

John Entwistle:The Who

Stuart Zender: Jamiroquai


What I like most about playing bass guitar is. It's the instrument that nobody wants to play. It seems obsolite until you dont have it. It's like the unsung hero.Ive always been a good team player in all aspects of life.The bass guitar is an instrument that backs everyone up and sometimes carries everyone.Plus Ive discovered over the years that bass players are a commodity, there's not very many of us out there. What I love most about the band I play in(Bunch of Guys) The guys! What else.


I get to play with the greatest drummer in the world (Eddie Del Canto). This guy is such a great drummer. For me "it's like playing with a drum machine"   which any bass player knows a good drummer makes your job much easier. Plus he is one of my smartest friends who I have only love and respect  for. He is one of my few freinds that challenges me to be better in all things. I know how lucky I am to have him.


Dan Gallagher: Rythm guitar vocalist. Band member who I've known the longest. We go back to junior high and youth group-church. Sharing this music group with this long time friend has been one of lifes greatest rides. Very handsome and quick and always revealing the humor that exists almost everywhere. I think of all of my friends I have learn (3/6)  movie 3 men and a baby. Dale would be Tom Selick. Probably one of my most talented friends at music, sports or anything he does.Im honored to call my friend.


So there you have it. I play fun toons with 3 awsome musicians who also are the greatest friends and have the greatest friends in the world and once or twice a week I get to go out , jam my bass,and hang out with the greatest people on the planet. Yes I can honestly say its been an honor and a privledge to ped very much about life from this one. Thank you Dan!


Dale MacDonald: Lead guitar and vocal. I would say the band leader. If Bunch of Guys were compared to the lay music with and thats what keeps me coming back.


Sincerely, Siriously :LL 


Where did you grow up? I was born in Bronxvillle New York and grew up in La Crescenta CA, Los Anglers County.   


Where did you go to high school? I went to Crescenta Valley High School and graduated in 1989, wow long time ago.  


When did you start playing drums? My mom bought me a snare drum when I was about 7 as a Christmas present. It later turned into a 5 piece kit at about 12. I started lessons at about 14 and didn't really like the lessons much so I quit. I do regret that. I started getting serious about my instrument at about 18. I started lessons back up and my instructor encouraged me to play with as many different players and styles as possible, so I did. 


Why drums? It's really the only thing I have ever known. I never played a melodic instrument, aside from a couple years on piano, prior to drums. The drums for whatever reason really hit home with me and I have never stopped playing them since. I'm certain I never will. 


Top 3 favorite drum influences? My 3 top drummers are Stuart Copland, Taylor Hawkins, and Neil Peart, but have to give a shout out to Manu Katche, from Sting, Peter Gabriel, and Simple Minds...

Favorite thing about the band you play in?


The Bunch of Guys Band is truly a unique group of guys. I think the chemistry works because we are friends aside from the music connection. It's funny because we all have very different tastes in music but somehow it just works. We don't try to make it work, and we don't take ourselves seriously and we truly have fun while playing, at least way more often than not. We all have been very blessed to be able to play music together for so long and to experience so many cool moments together as a band. 

What keeps you coming back for more gigs?


I think what keeps me coming back for more is the unknown, "maybe tonight we will have another magical moment where it just felt and sounded great and the crowd really enjoyed the moment" It just takes one great moment at a gig to make you come back for more. 

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